Faith and strength

Strength and faith are two things that go hand in hand. If you have no faith you are weak, if you have a strong faith, well that makes you strong.

That is essentially why religion, political principles and politicians with a strong faith in the core principles of the nation is very important.

That is one of the reasons the European Union is so dangerous. The idea was to make a union like the American union. Well, if it had happened and it had succeeded, then it could have been a good idea. All the ritual and ideological basis of a union is in place.

But, and that is the core argument, it did not work. There are many reasons to that, among them a certain tendency to live in darkness and rule through a set of veils.

In that way, you do not inspire faith in the citizens, you at the other hand repulse them. Evil is evil.

I stretched out my and and offered help, this was not accepted, so the EU continues downward on its destructive spiral. If there is one thing a philosopher, especially a humanistic philosopher is to a humanistic organisation, it would have been faith.

But, anyway. Since then, the downward fall and ultimate destruction of the European Union threatens to tear down the entire Europe with it.

At one hand it refuses to give the nations the ability to curry favor and build up faith in themselves, at the other hand it does not have the ability to make people believe in it.

So it is the worst of both worlds, it does not build faith, and it hinders people finding faith in something else.

This is really why Europe is getting weaker and weaker.

My solution to this, was to try and make a gliding transferral of power from the EU institutions to the national parliaments. At the same time, I have given the politicians a beautiful, strong humane philosophy that targets the right enemies, that of the islamists.

The islamists want theocracy we want democracy.

Imagine the beauty of a Democratic world with strong pillars of family and faith.

That is what I think we should make, and I hope the politicians can see that they are also the leaders of this quiet revolution.

Go home, look at the wonderful nations you all have as an inheritance. Support it, rebuild it, fight for it, sacrifice for it, and you will see succes coming you way. Admiration, acceptance, heroes welcome.

That would be nice for a change, right?

G-d bless the will to do good in a hostile world.

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