Fair play

International leadership, is a bit like being a teacher in one of the smaller classes. You have to be the one who, by your diplomatic skill, ability to make good rules, and, in rare cases, a harsh response to some of the bullies of the class, make a class with peace.

I know, I did a lot of it, when I was a teacher in the smaller classes in Aabybro, while at the same time doing some of the work I did for Barack.

It was, more or less, the same dynamics.

Most of the kids are good natured, and just want to get along and have some fun. But occasionally there is the kid, that has bad manners, and then start making trouble in the class. For a teacher, that is difficult. You have to make rules, that make the kids wanting to go along, without being too harsh to the bully.

I will give you an example. I worked with third graders here in Denmark. Some of these third graders had severe psychological problems, and were, treated wrongly, extremely agressive.

So I had to figure out a way to make the kids behave and, at least, have some peace.

My solution to the problem, was to build a small computer cafe with some left over old computers. It wasn’t much of a computercafe, but the kids could play some games, and have some fun with the other kids. Boys at that age love being together with other kids their age, and play some computergames, as long as it is social.

So I did build that cafe, and then all the kids came to join, they loved it. But there was, as always, the obligatory bully, who wanted by the virtue of his strength, and swearing, to CONTROL the other kids. Kids that age is a study into the primitive behaviour of people, left alone, the rule of the strong is the rule they abide by.

Anyway, I had to find a way, to make the kids abide by some kind of rule, that they accepted and respected, AND had the support of the parents.

These kids loves playing football a lot, so I figured, if I made a rule, that resembled football (FairPlay), it would probably be something they could relate to. So I made this rule, that IF YOU SWEARED you would get a yellow card, if you sweared again, it was another yellow card, and that was, automatically a red card. Ten minutes away from the computercafe.

It had a wonderful effect, not only was it a lot of fun to scream YELLOW CARD at the top of our lungs, but it had the effect, that the ubiquitous bully spend a little time outside of the class room, and then accepted that he was not allowed to swear. The true aim; to make everbody accept that it was common law (that you are not allowed to swear) that ruled, and not the rule of the strong, was accomplished.

AND, to make it even more of a succes, the parents really loved their kids coming home, having learned not to swear. Everybody was happy.

The point being? You have to stop being the bully, and abide by the JUST rules of a class room. The world is exactly the same. Grown ups have bigger guns, and can make a lot more damage, but the rules are exactly the same. So, to my experience, ruling the world, is not about YOU ruling, but MAKING EVERYBODY ELSE ABIDE BY SOME JUST CODE, so that ALL THE KIDS can have peace sitting in front of the computer having fun.

See? It is not about winning, it is about making just rules, so that the world is at peace.

G-d bless the will to find peace in the world.

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