Europe is burning once again. It seems to me, that the burning of Europe is a tradition that every third generation has to contribute to, and therefor repeat. Again, and again, and again.

On one hand, this time around, is the mass of migrants who rebel because of their living conditions and general apathy. They feel like victims. At the other hand there is the worker communities who are slowly but surely being decimated by the flight of production and because of migration into their general areas.

This again turns into a bloody ideological fight between Democrats and Islamists.

Now, if you cannot see a revolution in its infancy, then you should go down, drink a cool aid, and demand the money you payed for school back.

The situation the Socialdemocrats have created in Europe by forgetting the workers and supporting minorities only, has created a powder keg of revolutionary dimensions.

The attempt to do something about it has been too vain and too little. The Marrakech treaty, that I have backed a discussion about, is simply too vain.

What we need to do is, mass repatriation of the new proletariat out of Europe, and into a country where we try and help that country on its feet.

This has not happened, on the contrary, the migration is tacitly supported. That is, tacit actions are not possible in a network society as ours. People are in the know.

I have worked for a peaceful transition from this situation to a less dangerous, it has worked in the US, in Israel and in the East. But Central Europe is too mired in self loathing, inefficient bureaucracy and a desperate attempt to prop up the European Union. I mean, what is the point of making a Union if the effect is, that there is no more Europe as a result?

Things are slowly spinning out of control, and my best advice is. Each and every European country should take control in their own hands, and start pushing a repatriation agenda. Not in small numbers, but in huge numbers.

If not, then we end up in civil war, Balkans all over again.

This may seems harsh right now, but the alternative is a hundred year war, where Europe will change once again. No more Germany, France, Spain or Italy, but whole new countries of different size and affiliation.

We also risk adding to the fuel of a global war between Islam and the West.

The only true solution is adamant, decisive and forceful action to defuse the situation. Anything else is just fanning the flames.

G-d bless the will to see the magnitude and difficulty of the situation.

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