We are actually making a turn around in Europe. When I first started politics, it was as a rebel in SIAD. I still remember how I descended upon Bruxelles and almost tore Belgium into pieces. Some ten years ago.

After that, Ms. Helle Thorning Schmidt was tasked with shutting me up, something she was so thorough with, that she almost killed me, and started torturing my little daughter.

That was actually the first spark to start the Ukraine war.

The EU system was, at that point, very far down the lane of inhuman action. Ok, they did not control Thorning Schmidt, so off cause it is not really their fault, the fault lies at the feet of that …., never mind.

So, now I have become a well established blogger, with a load of clear wins for the Western democratic system behind me. Especially the run I did with mr. Obama was a clear humanistic/democratic victory.

So, there is only one who can change the narrative of Europe, and, even though I loath to put myself forward, it is me.

But, I mean, there has been bumps on the road right?

You almost condoned the actions of Thorning Schmidt. And so far, I have not seen that branch of olive pointing my way.

There are no medals on my breast or anything.

You could have given me an excuse, but you just wanted to control me.

But, my role is not to put myself first, it is to put you first. To make people of Europe thrive and be happy. That is my role, if I ever become selfish, it does not work.

I believe, that in essence, politics is about sacrifice. The more you sacrifice, the more you make the world better.

My good friend Mr. David Webble a renowned Cornell scholar and a expert in sacrifice (check out his books, they are really, really good) believes that miracles will happen, if you sacrifice yourself.

If you think only about yourself, G-d will not help you.

That is truly the Change I believe that European Union needs to address. How do we help, set ourselves below the citizens, be servants, and not the other way around.

Only a miracle can save Europe now from total collapse. If you need a miracle, you need to pray.

But you also need to shed your own ambition, and serve those who put you at a place of power.

It is not, that you shouldn’t fight for your freedom or your rights. Especially human rights. But it is about doing it for other people, not yourself.

That is the cure, and that is truly the only way.

Be open, humanistic, and have the courage to enlighten the world.

G-d bless a renewed Europe.

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