We are gearing up for a new angle on European power. So, what was really the aim of the European Union? It was to make a system where upon Europe could make a new powerbase.

The idea was, that if we put our ressources together we could be a new player internationally.

Well guess what, this is what is happening when and if the Iran deal will rest on European power.

Europe is a player in its own right once again.

So, since that basic aim of the union is accomplished, maybe it is time to think about what now.

First of all, we need to reform the system. Instead of having a overblown bureaucracy in Bruxelles then make the arrangements locally. So that the things we do in Europe is arranged between the different states.

Cut down the bureaucracy, and send the power back to the national parliaments.

The Union will then be the framework, that the powers will use to make arrangements.

That will work.

Having a grotesque, corrupt, overblown system that nobody wants will in fact tear the system down.

But having a small flexible servant to the nations, and kind of UN system will be much more stable.

G-d bless the will to do the right thing, and Change while we still can.

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