Concerning the Iran deal, there is a certain profile to it, that now seems to be coming through.

Essentially the European powers want to keep it, and the US together with the leader of Israel wants to scrap it.

What comes after the deal seems to be unclear seen from an American perspective, so in essence, it just seems like a voter promise mr. Trump wants to realize. Good, fair enough, but we here in Europe still need to live very close to the Middle East, and the problems there tend to spill into Europe, so it is in our best interest to work and help the Middle Easterns.

Right now, only Germany and France are a part of the international great power game due to the fact, that the UK is mired in trouble on the homefront.

There is also the fact, that European powers, especially Germany wants to keep peace with Russia as well, so we really have situation, where the ligthposts are shining down a path of peace in and around Europe.

We also have the problem of ISIS brining mayhem to central Africa, to force new waves of migrants. The last time it was an effective weapon of mass destruction. A lot of the European states are still reeling from the impact, and it changes the mood of most european states, from absolute dovishness, to a more hawkish attitude.

Still European politics have not caught up with the development in France and Germany, but threats are threats and we have to meet them somehow.

But back to the Iran deal. It is really in the best interest of European powers to keep the deal.

We do not do this to meddle or threaten Israel in any way. On the contrary, we do it to help the peaceprocess.

We are essentially in the middle between the US and Russia, and we are slowly digging ourselves out of the lethargy of the second world war.

So Europe will, if the Iran deal holds be a great power again.

This will give Europe both benefits as well as problems.

Being a great power means that you can essentially project your will on the world.

Before the second world war, we did it by colonializing the parts of the world that we wanted to control. This is not really an option these days, but an strengthened profile is a possibility.

What we need is the following to realize that role:

1. We need to control the EU bureaucracy. They are supposed to serve us, not the other way around.
2. We need to bolster our military capabilities.
3. We need to enforce a remigration of IS operatives in Europe, and by that also the “swamp”, that is the backdrop of the IS operatives, all the islamists who are supporting the IS operatives.
4. We need to make sure our borders are working.

The strategy for IS is pretty clear. They want to swamp us with migrants, in order to ruin our states. We need to take a responsible stance to that. Help the African states, but at the same time stop the migrants from coming in, and remigrate them when they enter, have entered, or are on the borders.

We need to realize, that the destabilization of the Central African states is done to fight Europe, and make a sound and serious approach to that.

G-d bless the will of Europe to counter the threats that is there.

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