When we talk about enlightenment, we need to go to the true source of its inception to really understand what it is.

Enlightenment is truly a reflection of the faith in the sun as a G-d.

Its inception is in the Egyptian city of Heliopolis, or the city of light. So we are in Egypt, and in its world of G-ds and G-ddesses.

What is an Egyptian G-d? It is usually an animalistic representation of a natural principle. So Ra, the sun god is a hawk. Since somehow the Egyptians found that the hawk represents the rays of the sun.

So in essence, illumination is the principle of light that we believe in.

At a given time, light was equaled to truth, so that illumination to men is the spread of truth as the light.

This connection between light and truth I honestly do not know when came or how it makes a theoretical connection.

But I do know, that it happened somewhere in Egypt in ancient times.

After that seeing truth as light is proven empirically over and over again. In politics, journalism, religion and human matters in general.

How to make enlightenment work has become an art, even though it usually does not work.

You can see it in my example where society persecutes me, or rather the police persecutes me for bringing too much light into the society.

The police is tied with chains as big as they can get NOT to chain me. It is in their education. It is in the constitution and so on and so forth. Nevertheless, still they do not obey the rules but keep on coming. It does not work, or rather in this case, with the danish system it did not work, to the shame of Denmark.

Nonetheless, at a metaphysical level, the discussion is; what is light, and how do we understand this natural force in the context of society.

G-d bless the willingness to understand things at a deeper level.

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