One of the things the new premier minister has to deal with is energy.

Energy has been an area, that has been neglected for far too long.

Lets have a look at it.

First of all, one needs to understand, that energy is like the firewood of a kitchen. If there is no firewood in the kitchen, the pots cannot produce soup and we cannot fry our beefs.

Energy is the fuel of the economy.

We cannot make more food than what a family needs, so a surplus of energy will not make much sense. But too little energy will make the economy grind to a halt.

All of a sudden, nothing works. No heat, no production, no movement of the economy.

So, we need energy, and preferably in an abundant and cheap supply.

So, we have been working on this since Ørsted, who realised, that you could move things with the use of electricity. Ørsted invented the electrical motor.

From thereon, it was, essentially, a matter of time, before the industrial revolution happened. It happened in the UK, but it was actually a Danish invention, that made it possible. With all due respect to Newton, and his blazingly propelling ideas that made the UK move us from a world of dependency on manual labor to a world where we can move things with the force of other energy sources. That is really the real difference between an energy based culture and a culture based on manual labor.

But, after the Second World War, we were so downtrodden and helpless, that we accepted cheap energy from the Arabs and Russia. There was, however, a price tag. The price tag for cheap oil was mass migration into Europe, and the price tag for Russian gas was dependency on Russia, something we are now feeling in a desperate moment.

Anyway, it all makes sense, to free ourselves from these shackles that we have put ourselves in, and is really easy, if we just put our minds to it.

First of all, we experiment with ways to produce energy. In Denmark we have experimented with windmills and now relatively safe nuclear plants flowing on the sea.

Add to this power to x, that converts the energy into biofuel, and voila, an abundant a cheap energy source, that we can produce ourselves. It is called the green change, but really it is just common sense.

Anyway, the UK should use ALL its considerable strength in the field of physics, to come up with new ways to make energy. Denmark is leading, and Germany is tagging along. Siemens is building a lot of windmills at the sea, and this is a boon to the European Union. Maybe a collaboration in this field could propel all of Europe in a better direction, due to the shared problems we have.

Alternatively, make a deal with the US. They have plenty of fuel at a low price, but have a look at the issue and try to fix it, as fast as possible.

G-d bless the will to be good and timely in the face of a crisis.

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