The reason why I have turned around when it comes to the nation, is a pretty simple notice in one of the books I have read.

Working on my book “The freestate”, that is a discussion of Democracy, I realised, that there were some incongruence in the work of Karl Marx.

This is not to debunk his ideas on an ideological level, but to discuss Marx on a philosophical level. Marx was very much into Sparta as an ancient example to follow. Where the US is Athens, the Soviet Union used to be Sparta.

Sparta worked for 700 hundred years, so it was very stable as a political construct. But, there was a keen and very clear reason why this was the case, and that was the fact, that the community was absolutely closed to all foreigners.

You just couldn’t become a spartan, you had to be born a spartan.

This is cut clear by the philosopher Lycurgus, who is the founder, philosophically speaking, of Sparta.

Then how come, that Marx talk about community, (communism) and at the same time talks about workers uniting internationally?

I mean, these two things are essentially not compatible. It does not work.

To me, it shows, the lack of quality in Marx works. It does not sit with quality. This is pretty strange, coming from Trier, where German ideas of quality comes from. We all respect the Mercedes and BMW.

But just as cars have quality, so does political architecture.

This is what Lycurgus tells us.

Lycurgus made something, that lasted 700 years. Essentially this is where the left is left these days. With a poor base in terms of theoretical quality.

Again, I do not say, that all ideas of Marx were wrong, but it has to work, otherwise it brings misery to countless billions around the world.

I mean, look at the effect of communism. It does not work.

So then the solution is pretty simple, we need to go back to Hegel, who Marx rebelled against. Hegel was right!

Sometimes, when you rebel against something, because you are young and talented, doesn’t necessarily make it right.

Hegel was the one, who had it right.

Anyway, this is why I call for a blessing of the nation. G-d bless America. G-d bless England. G-d bless Denmark. Because, I believe, that we need to have blessed nations by G-d.

This does not mean, that we have to have Neo nazi nationalism. No it means, in essence, that we should realize what nations REALLY are. It is written in the bible, it is the attempt to build Israel on earth, Eden or paradise.

It is not a negative goal, but a goal, where we all are living in harmony. Just as the first pilgrims had it. They were right. The frontiersmen, were for a dream of building paradise on earth.

This is what a nation is, if you really look into it.

So, this has been my proposition. Change, is to build heaven on Earth, in a very abstract way.

It is difficult, it can only be done, if we strive and fight for it to be realised. But it is the idea of nationhood, if you look into the layers behind scripture. The bible or Torah is just full of EXAMPLES. To truly understand what is going on in the ideological layer, you need to read the history behind these examples. So I have done that, Egypt, Phoenecians, Jews, Assyrians, Persians, Greek, Roman. All the ancient cultures, that is the bedrock we stand on.

And it is not an oppressive goal, the ancients sought, it is a goal, where humanity lives hand in hand in harmony.

G-d bless the will to follow the ancients, and rebuild this world in trust and companionship. G-d bless the dream of Eden.

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