E Pluribus Unum

These days there is a lot of problems politically in the US. The left is trying to undermine the right, and the right really hates the left. Not always, and sometimes it is right, and so on. But the country is split into two warring factions, that do not compromise or try to work together. 

Politics will not work well under such conditions, what we need is to reach across the aisle, try to bury the hatchet and compromise. 

As I see it, both camps have a lot of truth in their stance. On one hand, the liberal part is truly scared about the possibility of a constitutional meltdown. On the other hand the conservative part is truly worried about the possibility of a moral meltdown. 

In fact both parties are right. They see the problems of the other part, and are right in their criticism. I however truly believe that the process of reconciliation is to try to be open to the criticism of the other part, and use that to reflect on our own faults. 

We are all sinners, and it is only if we are humble about our own misgivings, that we can reach a compromise. 

Yes, I do believe, that the southern borders should be fortified and migrants should use the official channels to enter the US. Yes, I do believe, that America should be strong again. Honestly, I have worked tirelessly on this for many years. 

But I also believe in humanity and humbleness, in respect for spirit. In fact, I believe that without humbleness one cannot be strong, because humbleness will give you the ability to reflect on your sins. 

Mr. Trump asked me to guide him, I believe I have stayed true to that. So in this spirit of understanding, we need to unite. Because as mr. Breibart said, E Pluribus Unum, in manifold are we united. 

G-d bless the great Nation of United States of America.

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