Do not lose hope

I know that we are a little depressed now. Things seem to fall apart, and there is very little hope. 

In this situation we could perhaps look at the victories we have had, and learn from them. First of all, the Obama administration was a resounding success. We did it. 

There has been little criticism of what we did. We did it by trying to find new ways for Social-democratic ideas. And we succeeded. 

What did we do right? We reinterpretated the ideas of socialism and democracy. 

Socialism was brought to a much more spiritual place, and we tried to ally ourselves with business instead of alienating ourselves. 

In practice a middle leaning political platform. 

In the field of democracy, we went full tilt. We fought for the arabs in the Arab spring, and we tried to fight for democracy in the face of Islamic state. 

This created a huge league for democracy that Mr. Trump has inherited and managed to strengthen. 

The strength of the foreign policy ideas is evident in the fact that Mr. Trump continues to reap the benefit of it. 

He has managed to continue and does it really well. 

So we did do a turn around, but we still lost the election. 

What we can do however, is to continue the reflection in the issues. 

Healthcare is better if it is served with a community spirit, right ?

What is the meaning of healthcare if it is not to help people in need?

So on and so forth. Again let mr. Zuckerberg pay me a ticket, I can get the discussiongroups started. 

Do not lose hope, do not despair. We can do it. 

G-d bless the will to remain strong in spirit and community. 

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