Ok, so now we have to focus on the Middle East, and in the trouble that we have around the globe.

It seems to me, that the UN is open for some kind of cooperation. I would LOVE to work with the UN on these issues, and with anyone else, who are in it for the peace of humanity.

The trouble of the Middle East rests on the conflict between Israel and everybody around Israel.

I am not pointing fingers, as it happens. My mother was a Jew and my father was a Muslim. So for me, I have absolutely no prejudice. I loved both of my parents so much.

And I know their world view as well as qualities. My father was a freedom fighter in the rebellion against Pakistan from the side of Bangladesh. I mean, it’s not that I can’t see that side of the equation.

At the other hand, my mother is from a family, that fought for the Jews over many occasions. Famously, actually, in a row against a pogrom here in Denmark, where the founder of my family Mendel Levin Nathanson Christianized his children as a kind of sacrifice to the Danish public, that had gone of in a streak of arsons against my families estates and business. The same with my great grandmother, who fled to Sweden in the Second World War.

So, you know, I am not an armchair academic (with all respect for academics off cause) but in the sense, that my family has been a part of a lot of the conflicts around the world, and when it comes to muslim/jews, I have a true faith in the compromise we should find.

Let me give you a bit of my own experience, it may help the peace process along.

First when I started my political career, or whatever you would call it. I fought against the mean sides of Islam.

It was a long fight, but it ended up in peace, that Obama and I tried to find when he was president.

In Denmark, Muslims were and are treated with respect. Most Muslims are faithful to the law, and respects their civil rights. So there has been a kind of civil rights movement in Denmark, that I stood for.

It has protected Muslims.

Muslims have democratic rights, as we all have.

So, in a sense, we have copied some of the ideas that rev. Martin Luther King had in his Civil rights movement.

It is not 100% applicable in Gaza and the West Bank, because it is the Middle East, and Israel is the holy land, for all of us.

But it proves the point, that we can find a compromise, if we try and LISTEN to each other.

When we get the EU peace process on wheels, I will be able to actually talk to the movers and shakers of the Middle East. INCLUDING Iran and Russia.

So that will, hopefully, make it possible to reconcile some of our differences.

G-d bless the peace we will find in the end, G-d bless the will to do good, have good thoughts, and speak well of each other.

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