Democratic humanism

Well, the discussion on woke has been going back and forward for some time now. To be honest, I REALLY like the father of woke, Adorno, who is a religious, democratic humanist as me. Ok, there are some of his ideas, I think is a little outdated. But at the core of his thinking, he is really good.

After a long interview with a friend of mine, mr. Kaspar Bonde, we tried to compare the ideas of democratic humanism with woke, and to be honest, I think that democratic humanism trumps woke on one very important point, it does not include race as an idea.

The acceptance and understanding of all people, without any eye to race is, to me, the right answer to people who hold the white man supreme to Jews, is to ACCEPT anyone without any regard to color. To me, color should be of absolutely no consequence. That is what rev. King talked about. A world, where skin color does not matter.

I believe, that Adorno has the same ideals, and I hope we end there. Because that is the way to make the conflicts smaller and the unity stronger.

G-d bless the will to be honest in perspective, and not see skin color as important.

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