Democratic Humanism

Ok, it seems to me, that everybody agrees,that woke is not the Way forward. On both sides, but then what, begs the question?

I have pointed to Democratic Humanism as the answer, and that, then again, begs the question, what is really Democratic Humanism?

Here we have to honest about this creed, that brought us things like the Statue of Liberty, the pyramid on the one dollar bill, and made Washington D.C. into an Egyptian city, with steles and geometry.

Mysteries are good, but if you don’t understand the mysteries, then I guess you end up believing in more simple ideas.

Anyway, let us start where mr. Giordano Bruno left off; at what they called “hermetic”. You must forgive me for delving into the mysteries beneath Western culture, this is not to find a negative thing, but to truly find the very, very positive roots of western thought.

Anyway, mr. Bruno read a collection of texts called hermetic texts, that were essentially a mix of classical Egyptian as well as classic Greek texts.

Someone must have found them in the crusades or something. But they were, most probably written in Alexandria when the Greeks occupied Egypt.

To be honest, I have read most of the source material. And they are not a VERY high level, compared to prime source like Plato, Aristotle, Anaxagoras and Pythagoras who were writers who wrote in an earlier times than the hermetic, and actually studied in the immensely famous Egyptian university of Kemet.

These texts are essentially reflections on the earlier philosophers.

BUT, it points to the philosophical basis of the first humanists; they were platonists and LOVED Egypt. This is why we see the pyramid on the one dollar bill.

The philosophical ideas being enlightenment. That is to stand up for truth, light being the truth. That is the philosophical point of the Statue of Liberty. Her light is the truth, and I guess that is why it is so immensely important, that for this day and age, the new media still reflects the base ideal of truth shining. Not only into the U.S., but also to shores far above. As soon as this base idea is left for darkness, the U.S. will falter and become weak. But does it fill the world with beautiful truth, it will be strong.

So that is the base. Truth as light.

G-d bless the will to be faithful to the light of the United States of America.

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