To me, democratic humanism, is really the logical step after rev. Martin Luther Kings call for civil rights.

Woke is not focused on rights, but on race, and I truly believe, that if there is a positive focus on rights, we can actually create a platform, where we all meet despite the color of our skin.

In the Roman times, what happened at the Nicea convention in 325, the Roman world, tried to create a faith, that included all the peoples of the Roman world. That was the first steps of the Christian religion.

The powerful example of that was, that it is actually possible, through religion, to make a basis, that all agree upon.

In these day and age, the British empire cannot be defined by religion, because it is so diverse, but it can be defined by its political structure, that of democratic humanism.

The vision of this, to make a base, that is encompassing all those in the British empire, is what we need to do.

And it seems to me, that democratic humanism is the way, at least, from what I have understood in the different symposiums that I have attended in Oxford.

So, that is a way, that is acceptable for all.

Not least the Americans, who are the harbingers of this idea. Democratic humanism is the political base of the U.S., it goes all the way back to the founding fathers, the free masons and ultimately to Giordano Bruno, who were the leading idealist of the Italian renaissance, that created the free masons and the other secret societies.

So, democracy should be the valiant cry upon the lips of the troops.

G-d bless the will to be faithful to democracy.

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