America is truly the home of idealism. Take Mr. Abraham Lincoln and the civil war. He fought not only for the power over all of the US, but most noticeably for ideas.

That all men are created equal, that slavery is tyranny.

In a way, the revolutions, especially the French revolution had a very fertile ground for idealism in the US. Still has, as the statue of Liberty underlines whenever you come to New York.

As a philosopher, and as a renaissance philosopher, who sees these basic ideas of the US as my own as well, I feel a extremely great responsibility to what the US and the Democratic cause has come to.

You know, my fellow philosophers were the ones to convey these ideas to the modern world. My task has not been to spread the ideas, but to protect them.

That is difficult, in a situation, where the ideas mature, and you see some of the negative aspects of the ideas as well, because they are there. It is written in the philosophical scripture, mainly in Plato to look out for certain problems that lie in the system and structure of the republic.

Mainly that of moral corruption, when people start taking things for granted. That was one of the reasons, that I criticized the outsourcing of American industry. That is why, I now criticize Social media.

We have to be loyal to the Democratic state, and support the institutions that it rely on. Public discourse being one of the most vital and important. If we do not debate as citizens, then how are the politicians supposed to make any laws that are the essence of the public debate?

Social media with its focus on monetary accruement, and with no eye as to how the public dialogue is supposed to work, is a huge, huge problem, and their only response to my criticism so far has been more censorship.

Anyway, there is absolutely nothing wrong with our democratic institutions, they are the best man has ever made. It makes most happiness, progress, everything. But untended it has the risk of deteriorating into business only.

That is a problem.

Anyway, as Democracy finds new ways, conquers new territory, and has to adapt to new kinds of reality, so must we as its servants, try our very best to support and enrich it.

Sometimes it will cost us, it has certainly cost me. Twenty years of unending harassments of the Danish state is the current tally of my life.

But that is the way, you need to sacrifice some of yourself, to make it work.

As the ancient Vikings said. The tree of life, needs the sacrifice of the heroes to live.

It is the same today.

That is the way of Democracy, and will always be.

G-d bless the will to be vigilant for the weaknesses of Democracy, and may we hand it down to the next generation, stronger than it was.

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