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Well, we are now entering the post corona world, which equals to Asger has to get back at international blogging world, or whatever you would want to call it.

There are several daunting yet possible challenges ahead. First of all, there is the climate change challenge ahead of us. This is a great problem, but there are a lot of solutions as well. I have worked with it quite intensely here in Denmark, and even though it is a bit of a potholed road to the end result of eternal climate bliss, we are actually getting somewhere.

There are some pretty interesting perspectives in using wind and solar power that we are looking into here in Denmark.

It could almost for certain end up saving the world, imagine that.

Next in line lies the fatamorgana of world peace, which, at the time being, is looking a bit bleak. There is the rising tension in both Israel as well as France, that is the hub of islamist uprising.

Where that goes is still to be seen, but it is going to be interesting to see, where it all leads. I hope for a peaceful solution, but to be honest I doubt it.

In Denmark we are working on a repatriation scheme, that will, slowly and surely repatriate islamist and criminals out of Denmark.

I know, it can be criticized, and it should. But if you come to a democratic country, and your first act is to try to change it into a fascist islamic state, well, then you are a terrorist, and should be treated like that. That is pretty obvious. Terroism is terrorism.

This process is still in its infancy, and it remains to be seen if it will work, but there are good signs.

We also have to be a bit realistic about the endless climate change migrants that seek the promised land of Europe and the US. It has to be conducted in an orderly fashion, and it is the choice of either the US or respectively European countries if they wish to have the new citizens, or repatriate these material refugees to a place where they can be helped without direct access to Europe.

I know, again a tense subject, but we have to make these things work, and not just be a slave to our own lack of imagination. Things change, and we have to tackle the problems we face in an orderly as well as humane fashion for all involved, but migrants/refugees as well as Europeans and Americans. It has to be done in a nice and humane way.

The last bit of discussion to my mind is the inherent issue of trying to make a welthfarestate and at the same time having free migration to the country.

This combined effort is a bit of a false idea. If you want to make a wealthfare state, you need to make pretty steep barriers to enter, otherwise the solidarity with the others who pay for the welthfarestate will stop.

It is a pretty deep fault that goes all the way back to Marx and his misreading of Spartan society, that is the ideal of communism or marxism.

In order to have solidarity, people generally need to know each other and feel a kinship.

At least this is the point of Lycurgus the founder of Sparta.

That is a dilemma we need to be honest about, if we want to continue or expand the wealthfare state. It goes against the current understanding of socialism, but it is nonetheless the point of Lycurgus and he built a city state that lasted for 700 years, so he is probably right.

We can’t really compete with the ancients in this regard, we have to respect their wisdom to my mind.

Anyway, we need a steady hand on the wheel, and the going is pretty soon going to get tough, so we need to stay alert in France and in the Middle East in general, things could just end in war.

G-d bless the will to find a way that will end up in peace.

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