Thank you very much gentlemen. I believe, that if the current saber rattling between east and west had continued, we would have ended up in a third world war.

Just because the media is hysterical, it does not mean, that we cannot remain level headed. It is not the spur of the moment that should decide things as war and warfare. The consequences of the decisions of such things are too severe not to be looked at level headed.

So thank you mr. Trump and thank you mr. Putin for your steadfastness and seriousness in this situation.

It could have ended up in destruction and global war.

If you take a step back, and think about the consequences of that, then you realize, that this should be avoided at all costs.

There are still wars with Islamic state and others, but that is absolutely dwarfed by the mayhem that a third world war would have costed humanity. It would have been the end of the civilized world. Are we ready to go down that path?

So please, let the reconciliation begin, let us talk and not just throw mud at each other, and let us have the courage to look our own beast in its eyes.

I look them in the eyes everyday. I fight islamic state, with honor, and to me they are not so frightening. Yes, I respect them as worthy adversary. And I honor their courage, going up against our machine.

But nevertheless, they are an enemy, and I treat them like that.

That is what we are supposed to do, be men and women of courage.

G-d bless the will to be courageous in the face of strife, and find peace after that fight.

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