It seems to me, that people do not understand how to treat the Coronavirus.

Really it is not rocket science. What we are dealing with is a disease, that is transferred via hands, touching things that others have touched and so on.

So it is really quite simple to cut the chains of the disease spreading.

All you have to do, is to find the weak link and cut it there.

How do we do that?

Well here we really have to methods. One is testing the other is tracking.

How do we test? Well that is also quite simple, what you do, is to make the test as widely accessible as possible.

In Israel we have built special booths for that purpose. But if that is not possible, surveillance over the weakest citizens of the country is mandatory. Elderly homes should be tested over, really.

You have, also the ability to track people with gizmos and gadget, that is phoneapps that communicate. Getting these methods underway are pretty much a no brainer.

But last, not least. The entire discussion on Chlorochine treatment is a bogus. Yes it works, so use it.

With these simple precautions, the entire country should be up and running pretty fast.

Then the other discussion is the economy. Which is the next question we need to address.

That will be a posting for tomorrow.

But also here we have time tested methods, that can take the industry back from China.

G-d bless the will to be vigilant and forceful in these matters.

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