When Communism seemed to stop working, the answer of some of the intellectuals of that time, was to blame the people. That is a wrong answer.

Hegelian Marxism did not work, because the quality of the system was to fraught with imperfections and constructional weaknesses. I know this, because I know what Marx read, I know the ideas of Hegel, and I know all the ideas that they drew on.

When a system is rejected by the public, it can do either of two things, it can start oppressing the people, or it can Change.

The world changes, but true Change cannot work, unless you actually know what you are changing from, and what the options for change is.

It is about knowledge, and wisdom. About knowing what architectural building blocks you can use, and how to use them.

A society is like a machine. It can be of good quality, bad quality or be a dump. But in order for the machine work, it needs parts that are interlinked and these links should be greased and kept in good order.

When the Frankfurterschool took over from Marx, they did an extremely poor job. Because in order to make at good society, you do not need oppression, what you need is a system which has been constructed with regards to the situation that the people is in.

Ideally, we Jews are supposed to support this task, as we are supposed to be the light upon the nations. That is the inspiration, the wisdom, the place you need to go to find new ways to Change.

It has been deconstruction for far too long, what we need now, is CONSTRUCTION. We need to start fixing all the wheels of the machine to make it work again. Help rebuilding the society, so that it remains secure, faithful, orderly, beautiful, happy and sanguine.

I’m am not talking about a dictatorship, I am talking about a system, that work. A system people will choose themselves, because they like it.

This is redemption. To start rebuilding all the little cogs ans wheels of society. Namely us. Make our families work again, our democracies, our political institutions, our churches, synagogues and mosques. Make things work again. It is not about being arrogant or being self-righteous, it is about the simple things in life. To see that things are going in the right direction. See more people having a better life. The lower the middle and the upper classes. All of us.

Deconstructions is over, now it is construction.

G-d bless the will to be positive and strengthen all the good things in our society.

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