To make a constitution, in the classical time, great philosophers roamed the known world, gathering knowledge and then designing a system that would ensure the stability of the Polis.

As Lycurgus, who made the constitution that Sparta was built on. He roamed the then down world, and created a closed system that worked for 700 years.

Or Solon who made the Athenian constitution.

In that sense, a political system is the result of the deliberate understanding of political theory of a genius.

So, in order to do things right, we need to learn from the ancients, and make a constitution that reflect the methods they developed.

The true reason why the European Union doesn’t work, is because the constitution is not good enough. The balances of power is too tilted towards a cadre of secret bureaucrats, the ethical basis is too wrought with vice instead of virtue, and the balance between the national level and the federal level is unclear, making a turfwar the effect. Practically holding all the European Nations in a stranglehold of inefficiency.

I am not saying this to criticize, but to point at the problems we need to solve, to make things work.

So how do we do it? Essentially a constitution reflects the citizens. If the citizens are all into freedom, as in the US, the constitution will reflect this. If they are not social cohesion as in Sparta, the constitution reflects this.

So a European Union constitution should reflect the view of the citizens of Europe.

There are several roots to European culture. The Roman, the Viking, the Egyptian, the Classical Greek and the Mesopotamian.

Each culture has influenced European culture to some degree. The Greek has influenced the European culture through philosophy, leading to political systems as the French. The Egyptian has through the hermetic influence of the Medicis in the Italian renaissance given us humanism. The vikings gave us the urge for freedom and the Roman gave is the urge for disciplin and so on.

To make a constitution that will reflect all these cultural traits is not easy, but nevertheless the only way something of a solid structure can be made.

Add to this all the political turmoil we have in Europe already, we have a problem.

To restructure and reform the European Union, I need the support from all people in power.

Only then is the reform possible.

The constitution should have been made in the beginning, not now when everything is falling apart.

Call I a political turnaround of the highest difficulty.

To be honest, there are around 20 – 30 % chance that it will work.

But these are the stakes, so I hope people will support me.

G-d bless the will to do good in a difficult situation.

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