Congratulations Queen of the British

One of the greatest minds and strenghts of this very earth, is the Queen of the British. Or to be fair, the Queen of England.

This amazing beacon of national identity and integrity has held the post of queen for 70 years, the longest serving monark on the throne of the british, ever.

In a world of loss of identity and destruction of the national cohesion, such a strongwilled person is very important. She is always and will always be the endbar of all the dissillusionment.

I have fought alongside her, proudly, to bring to bear the independent of the british isles. An act, that will be seen, in the memory of those who come in the future as THE pivoting moment of England. Once again the british lion roared. To be a part of such an endevour, will, forever, be a mark of brilliance of her majestys reign.

To have been a small part of that endevaour, brings both pride and endless humility to me.

I am thankful for having had the opportunity to support the majesty and her best men in her fight for independence.

Thank you your majesty, and a humble kneeling I do, as one knight of the realm.

G-d bless the victory of the Queen of England!

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