Congratulations your majesty

Well, the celebrations of the crowning of his majesty Charles the III is more or less over, and we can, without doubt call, this a very important success.

A good start is a very important thing in any development, and this is exactly what has happened, a very good start.

The citizens of both Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England seems to be supporting the new king, and in extent of this also the institution of the monarchy.

There is a realization that in these times of insecurity, the British crown is a beacon of good manners, direct connection to the people and is an ethical institution.

This is very important to the people of the United Kingdom.

Add to this, there is a widespread recognition of the royal house of Britain, not only in the UK itself, but worldwide. People of the world respects an ancient institution.

This means, as a consequence, that the Anglican Church is also strengthened and the general support of institutions as such.

All in all, good things for the brits, and good things for the world as such, if you care for a world of abundance and peace.

G-d bless the United Kingdom and his majesty King Charles the III, and may he prosper in his service to the British people.

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