The European Union is fast traveling into conflict. The most effective contrapoint to the union is the philosophy I helped spawn, that of the new right.

It is pro Israel and democratic.

My idea was, to make a soft pillow to land on after the EU would fall. It is bound to fall, because the structure is simply too complicated and has too little support from the public.

The only question is, will it fall hard or soft.

I wanted to give the EU a chance, this is something everybody is required to have, and made a plan. Unfortunately the EU does not want to reform, but seems to be digging the hole just bigger and bigger.

There has been vigorous debate on whether the EU socialist are the true descentants of the national socialists.

This is ridiculous, off cause they are not. Then equally ridiculous is it, that the conservatives are the descendants of said disgusting creed.

We all fought remember?

What nazism was, was an esoteric, fascist movement that was in pact with the devil, literally.

So, if we really want to be saying no to Nazism, what we need, is to be the opposite. That is accepting, good, humane.

When this conflict is enhanced and we tend to see our adversary as evil, just remember, that that makes you take steps, that are evil themselves.

We think, that the evil steps are just, in the anger of the moment. But what we need to ask ourselves, is it truly just to do evil things?

The EU is falling, it is just at matter of time. That we cannot change, what we can change however, is what comes after.

Maybe we can see through our anger and angst, and see the other as they are. They are willing to fight for the same values, they just have the opinion, that it should be done at a national level, and not on a federal level.

There is no way, that the EU will be able to keep all the power it has amassed, the people do not trust the EU.

But there is another solution, and that is a compromise on power. Give the power back.

Why do the EU need it anyway. Give it back to the people, and refrain from using evil means. Because that will make you just the same as the Nazis.

Means carry virtue, either good or bad. Therefor means are to be chosen carefully, with a human objective in mind.

Because after all, what we DID fight for many years ago was democratic humanism. Democratic humanism tend to see each individual as something divine and beautiful. Remember that, when you chose your means.

G-d bless the peace we will and can find, if we are truly unselfish.

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