Conflict and hopeful solution

Ok, it seems to me, that the negotiations between Denmark and Turkey is getting somewhere. I know that we cannot get all the we want, but there is a mutual dialogue, and I am, for one, actually hopeful, that we will get somewhere.

Negotiations are possible, we did it with the Iranians, and we can do it with the Turks. It is, essentially a matter of respect. Do the Turks feel respected or not.

I hope, that my stance, that we in the Islamic critical substrata, will respect the Turks due to the difficult situation with Ukraine.

Essentially we have a war with the Russians, and we cannot fight both wars at once.

Add to this, mindless provocation may prove a point, but it is essentially just a provocation.

So, with this, I hope that the Turks, will accept our stance, in the interest of NATO. NATO is more than each member, it is a sum of nations banding together to fight for justice and the protection of each member.

G-d bless the will to find a peaceful solution to the conflict between Denmark and Turkey.

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