Zelenski. You want a compromise, fine. This includes you giving something, and Putin giving something.

I have hinted on the possibility of you remaining in power, at KEEPING a strong military precense in Ukraine. This is what Putin did not want. At the other hand, Ukraine needs to recognise the breakaway republics and the Crimea.

This will leave both parties with something that is actually worth each. AND it will make Ukraine independent from NATO. You can make your own future.

All this oratory, it serves no purpose. It is engaging, you are good at it. But, it is not about your speeches, it is about all those lives lost in the war. Each life lost is a father lost, a child lost, a friend lost.

So that is a realistic compromise, that you get your true independence, as will the breakaway republics. All are coming out with a partial win, which is a compromise.

Otherwise, what is your alternative?

G-d bless the lives of those lost in a war, that is terrible, but CAN find compromise.

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