Climate Change

Ok, having established the basic principles of sustainability, that of balance of things. Balance between man, nature and business, we can move on to the practical.

I will return to my trip to paradise island, but just to give you some inspiration to what we can do with climate change, here is an overview.

There are three possible areas of practical action.

1. Energy consumption
2. Agricultural development
3. Marine care

First energy consumption. This area is where we have the windmills, the electric cars, the hyperloop. That is figuring out new ways to use energy and create better modes of transportation.

Mr. Musk and mr. Branson have made some amazing developments in this area. So supporting these two fine gentlemen, is not a bad idea. Whatever they come up with, support it. They have the track record of blazing innovation, and we can safely put our trust in them.

There is another field, that I am working on in Denmark, that of green fuel. We are leading in this area, so hopefully, we can initiate the roll out of fuel made with renewable energy sources. That is going from wind to fuel in cars and ships.

Pretty cool innovation if you ask me.

Talking about agricultural development as well as marine care, these areas are very difficult to handle, so be careful. I have done a lot of research here in Denmark, and the problem is, that we are working with conservative farmers, who are not used to intervention, and they do not trust the left.

So, forcing the farmers is not a good idea. We had a huge rally of farmers after our current government started forcing them, it was not ok.

What you can do, is to focus on the innovative branch of agricultural production. There are all kinds of new ways to figure out ways to make food that is less punishing to nature. Fast crops, worms as protein and so on. Israel is leading here.

Add to this, animal care is important, but again, it is very difficult. Just enforcing new rules, will get the farmers riled. Work WITH the farmers, even though it is extremely difficult.

I am actually doing it in Denmark, and it can be done. But they are tough, and wise, so we should respect the farmers. They do also carry an ancient life form, that we stil remember as the “village”. Right? We carry this picture of the farm and the village with us. The ideal, healthy, little town, where they play the banjo, go to church and sing every morning. It is still there, here and there, and we should protect that mirage of happiness instead of not seeing it, very important.

Then there is aqua care. This again, is also a very difficult area. With the same reasons as agriculture, because of the fishermen.

I dont know how it is in the US. But here in Denmark, there is an extremely complex reality of agriculture using fertilizer that has a negative effect on the oceans. Fishermen having quotas as to how much they are allowed to fish and so on. It is complex.

At the other hand, it is really important as well. Marine nature is suffering from overfishing, wrong ways of fishing and so on. It should be regulated, but with respect for fishermen. These guys are really nice, freedom loving bunch of old guys. I really like them, they are still very much into freedom. They love to roam the seas, and carry a certain cultural lore we need to keep.

So treat them with respect.

One thing that is really important and a great problem for the marine ecological system is plastic in the oceans.

This is an area we can something about.

The problem is the third world, that do not burn their wast before they throw it out. They just throw their garbage in the rivers, that then carry it to the oceans.

There are numerous ways to solve it, but working with the governments that are responsible for the pollution is important. We need to stop the constant flow of garbage into the ocean. Maybe with some kind of cleaning plant at the end of the rivers. Plastic make for good fuel. So if you make a powerplant using the plastic that is otherwise just thrown into the ocean, could be a business that could work in itself maybe.

Anyway, these are the three areas you can work with.

Gettting along, and starting the work is possible.

G-d bless the will to Change the environment.

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