Climate Change

Now, we need to start moving. I know, that Covid 19 is a major issue right now, but it seems to me, that is going in the right direction, and will be more or less solved within the next two to three months.

So we need to focus on the next few issues. First of all, there is the economy. Here we have Obamanomics, that is focus on the industrial part of the US, and a massive support for that. That focuses on the needs of the worker as well, and we need to able to say those few wise and strong words; made in America.

Add to this, we need to start talking Climate Change.

Here again, Kamala Harris called my PM Mette Frederiksen. Mette promised, that Denmark would support the US in an insteresting area, that is energy conversion.

So Kamala, here is an idea, to make it work in practise.

Make a small council of American and Danish leaders within Climate, and make the nerds do the calculations and thus the practical discussion of the nuts and bolts of the development.

The best candidates to such a council would be, to my mind; Bill Gates (he is really doing a lot of research in this area, and his ideas are really, really good.) Elon Musk, here again a brilliant and bright mind, that has all the force and ambition of a true warrior of light. He is a genius as well. Me, to relay all the ideas from Denmark, and perhaps Mark Zuckerberg? Mark is a bit of a wildcard, but he has ambition, and he would be welcome to my mind, he is a genius in his own right, and he is a contender for the presidentship in the future, getting him really into the mix this early would give him a good chance to develop as a political person. And I like him, which is perhaps a stupid reason, but you have to work woth people you like.

This council could push the agenda on Climate Change, take all the developments of Danish energy research and make it global. To contact me, just ask Mette Frederiksen, I am a good friend of some of her MPs.

When this has happened, it could be distributed to the rest of the world, thereby getting rid of Carbon emmission and just make a cleaner world.

So this is my advice, so maybe Kamala can use this as a tool to get a little farther in her ambitions??

Else, I will try to figure out others ways to support climate change, as Bill Gates say, it is much harder to do than fighting Covid, because it is complicated. But we have the research done here in Denmark, we just need to refine it, and get it distributed.

That is a way to move a little further down the road in the interest of the planet.

G-d bless the will to be able to see the world in new perspectives.

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