Cimate Change

Climate Change can be many things, but one thing is for certain, it is a question on how we use energy.

Energy comes in many forms; electricity, kinetic energy, the sun, wind. We use it in many ways; to propel our ships, cars, the industry, our laptops, lawnmovers. We use to it wash clothes and get to the moon.

Using energy to our advantage is what defines the greatest leap in mankinds development.

I mean, we can talk so much about how we organize ourselves, and we have been doing that for thousands and thousands of years, but using energy to serve us, is a very new thing, only 170 years, more or less of progress.

We Danes invented a lot of the core technologies, how to use electricity to move things, nuclear energy, wind energy and are still the leading civilisation in this area. We are a bit closed about it, but it is here in Denmark the true revolution in terms of energy work really resides.

So we, as Danes, have a great responsibility to develop these standards to help mankind.

Here, I really hope that the Americans will be partners. Well, they will, we just need to figure a way to do it.

First of all, we need a project, here is one.

Denmark share a huge Island in the north with the Americans. Trump was famous for trying to buy it off of Danish hands, which, in a Danish view is just totally absurd. But the interest is noted, and instead of the Americans buying the island, we could make some projects together, that would make much more sense, and be a boon to both the US as well as Denmark.

The thing about Greenland is, that it contains immense ressources. First of all, there is an abundant amount of floodpower. That is, there are numerous rivers and waterfalls, that could, quite easily be used to create almost free energy. That is a type of energy, that is without any fossile footprint.

Put up endless hydroenergy power stations and create energy.

The greatest barrier have been, that in order to use the energy, one needs to contain it, or send it over wires. Containing energy requires a lot of batteries, sending it from Greenland requires a huge network of wires, and that is costly.

BUT, and this is where the innovation of the Danish mega geeks are interresting. We have been working a lot on power to x, that is energy conversion. It is within reach to take electricty and make shipfuel, carfuel, and a lot of other kinds of fuel.

So, a way to get rid of oil and coal as the only way to power of vehicles of different sort, is to make a huge investment in Greenland, make it a powerhub, Danish and American capital together.

How do we come about that in practise. Well, it is easy Kamala, just call my PM Mette Frederiksen and discuss the ins and outs of it.

Cooperate on the PM/VP level, and we in the background can make all the necessary preperations and coordination.

I know, that cooperation between countries can be a little hard, but this is a global problem, not something local, so we need global solutions, work together.

Anyway, there are many other cool projects to try out, and Greenland is really an interesting place to start, start the Change 🙂

G-d bless the will to Change the Climate.

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