Church shooting

It is really with great sadness I hear about the mass shootings in Texas. It is terrible, and yet we do not know who did that in terms of political address. 

The end and the beginning of it is off cause the grieving of the families in the church there. The sight of it, and the desecration is just terrible. 

What we should do, is pray for these souls that we have lost, and also pray for the wounded. 

This is a deep wound, that is both physical as well as mental. 

The body is hurt, but also the soul. 

When we enter the house of G-d, we do that in the understanding, that there is a place of peace there. When someone shoots into that place of peace, they not only shatter the bone and flesh, but also the peace. 

That is what is at stake here. The peace between people. 

Who are we to shatter that peace? What right do we have to demolish something sacred?

I say, by keeping the peace, and protecting the houses of spirit, we protect the realm of G-d. There should be no excuse for such an act. 

It must be punished, and those responsible should be brought to justice. 

G-d bless the peace we can find, if we are vigilant and strong enough.

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