The western world has descended into chaos. What was once the epitome of civilisation, has in a few years crumbled.

Western civilisation is not finished off, but it is tetering on the brink of absolute chaos.

The latest chaos of the epidemics and Black Lives matters is just the last step of a long run against the destructive end.

It all started two hundred years ago when western civilisation went from expanding to moving back.

In the meantime, the western alliance has been cut to pieces, and the pace with which this is happening is dumbfounding.

What can we do about that?

We can chose our fights carefully.

The migrants of Europe wants to chose a fight with the native Europeans over race.

I mean, when you start desecrating the monuments of Churchill, that is a blatant call for war.

That is the way it is.

Perhaps the system, our civilisation is not responding but the hatred of the Saxon seems to fill the air. That is a prelude to war.

Now, what can we do to stop this descent into chaos.

We can pick the war we wish to fight.

Do we fight a racewar, or do we fight at fight for freedom, where race is not of the matter?

I chose the latter.

Let us see, that where the Democratic/humanistic society is threatened, it must respond, forcefully to the challenge. This includes burning of poor peoples of houses and desecration of statues.

It must do so to keep the law and defend our civilisation, not to make a race war.

If we do that, we are finished for good.

G-d bless our tetering civilisation.

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