There is a lot of problems in the U.S. right now. The “fringes” of the Republican and Democratic establishment are on a mutual meltdown with things going on, that is simply not right.

None of the two sides are in their right mind with the amount of violence and general misbehaviour seen by numerous attendants.

I truly abhor the murder by the man killing innocent bystanders in a IS type attack. And the amount of destruction brought to us by the Antifa, is just as absurd. It is just not right.

I say this with the strange situation of actually being right in the Middle, I was a part of the initiation of the alt-right, and I have been the good friend and inspirer of the Democrats.

What do we do?

Well, I have been doing som research on metaphysical studies, and it just struck me, that the founder of modern liberalism mr. Alinsky must have dipped his toes in Hermetic water. Hermetism is the secret lore behind alchemy, magic, and harks back to the ancient Egypt.

Mr. Alinsky dedicates his book, Rules for Radicals to Lucifer. Strange right? Well if you know something about Hermetism, it is not so strange. Lucifer CAN be seen as a ligthbringer of sorts. In btw. I do not believe in that, I believe that Satan is Satan.

But, this explains mr. Alinskys talk about Change.

Remember, the main epithet of Mr. Obamas presidency; Change. He has this idea from Alinsky.

Anyway, I believe that I truly have a more profound understanding of Change, after having read some of the sources of Mr. Alinskys ideas, probably.

The point is, basically, that everything in the material world changes, and everything in the spiritual world is fixed on a principle level.

So, truly what Alinsky is talking about, in a deeper sense, is the understanding of the world as a world of Flux.

Things Change all the time, and therefor, we need to change with it. Find new answers to new problems.

This is truly where I believe, that I gave Obama something, and strangely enough, also the Alt-right. Both parties wanted to Change, understand the world anew, and give new answers to new problems.

Take the problem of terrorism. After 9/11, it was pretty clear to everybody, that all muslims are not good guys. There are some, who wish to hurt us. So we needed a new answer to that new development. We needed to Change. So we looked at it, and decided, that all muslims who respect Democracy are the good guys, and those who are against it, are the bad guys. We Changed.

Take the question of economy. We realised that the old answers of trickle down economics and just Keynes is not enough. We needed new ideas, so we came up with the idea of patriotic businessmen. That was Change.

My basic point is. That those morons who are battling each other down south, are actually the ones who have not changed. They are still holding on to the old ideas, and it is as despicable as ever.

But those who have been on the journey of Change, tried new paths, reinvented politics, they are actually not so far from each other.

My point is, in all this mayhem and destruction, there is a great part of society, that actually tries their best to find common ground. To work together, to find each other.

Those are the ones Barack and I tried to inspire and give new fuel. Those who wish to protect and serve this great country, and not destroy and ruin things.

They are the ones who seek solutions and try to amend.

They are the harbingers of Change.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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