The workers have been abandoned by the socialists in many countries. That is what is really changing the political landscape in Western Europe and in the US.

This shift have come due to a change in politics by the socialists. Classical Marxism was all about workers and workers rights, but Frankfurtschool Marxism is all about minority rights and social justice.

This development has been seen without much reflection by the socialists, and has hence just left the classical workers standing without a political class to represent them.

To me this is not an either/or, but a two pronged strategy, that helps the workers back in the limelight, and at the same time does not leave the anti racist stance.

I am not in liking of racism, but I do believe, that you do not fight racism with racism. This is fault of mr. Corbyn I think. He fights racism by hiring people of color. To me, color is just a social construction. We fight racism much better by finding a way to unite people under one banner.

That is why I have talked so much about civil rights and Democracy. Because this banner will not care about color, only care about intention.

I know, that it is difficult to fight something with Hope and Change, but that has always been my idea about how things should go down. By Changing the world without all these negative ways. Finding a true and positive way.

It works, as the US is a testament to.

So either the conservatives or the socialdemocrats have joined this way of actually finding some beautiful and worthwhile as their ideas. And have then often succeeded.

I hope that the UK will also succeed after Brexit, and truly believe, that Democracy and shared human rights will unite the country.

There are many hoops and crevices we need to jump over and into. But we will get there eventually.

G-d bless the will to find new ways.

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