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Social media

December 22nd, 2022 No comments

We are kind of wrestling with how to get social media right. Mr. Elon Musk has bought Twitter, and is trying to change the system so that it is fundamentally following some basic civilisation principles that further our world to a better place. But the thing is; what are those principles really. I have discussed […]

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Obama 2.0

December 22nd, 2022 No comments

One of the things, I believe we should realise, is the fact that a lot of the revolution in Iran is a reflection of the Arab spring. Some of the allies we got there in the first place; Kurds, Israel and the Arabs actually are against the dehumanization that we see in Iran. Hanging people […]

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December 19th, 2022 No comments

Economy is named by Aristotle in his work by the same name. The theory is, and this is something, I believe is truly right, that a nation is like a household. In fact you can look at each level of the society, and the same basic mechanisms repeat on each level. In a family you […]

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Made in America

December 15th, 2022 No comments

Ok, we need to work on with our economic policy. As it stands, we have made some strides. The fight with China has been, partially succesful. Moving production and good jobs out of the US has lessened. But it seems to me, that it is pretty difficult to get the production BACK to the US. […]

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Change in the world

December 14th, 2022 No comments

The world is kind of shifting these days, there are two main motors of this change. First is the rebellion in Iran against the system. This is a world changing event. According to my sources the Iranians are just finished with islam. They are never going back. To be honest, with some of the atrocities […]

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The evil in our midst

December 11th, 2022 No comments

In Denmark, lately, there has been a lot of controversy around the government, and also the social system, that is really corrupted. This is the truth, corruption, ridicule and oppression of our weakest citizens has been an issue, and it is an issue. One of the things I have worked with is the handicapped. Disabled […]

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Pick the winners

December 9th, 2022 No comments

Concerning the energy situation in Europe, there are some issues we need to discuss. First of all, we need to understand, that the energy market is like any other market, it works best if it is free. How should we understand this? Well, innovation cannot be controlled. The state can invest some money and ressources […]

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Thank you

November 22nd, 2022 No comments

I have been doing a lot of soul-searching lately. Why is it, that whatever I do, and I hope my readers feel, that I do a lot for them. There is no such thing as giving back. I mean, just imagine all the Americans, that thrive with what I have given them. Better housing, more […]

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November 17th, 2022 No comments

Well, it seems to me, that both the UK and the US is pretty ok. In the UK there is very little discussion, and that is a good sign. It is always when people are unsatisfied with the status quo, that they start to make trouble. So, in a very real sense, we are in […]

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The problem of poor people

November 8th, 2022 No comments

Ok, here is the problem mr. Sunak. You have absolutely no idea about how it is to be poor. No idea about the suffering, the unpaid bills, the angst, the abuse and the constant stress and ridicule. But the thing is, to be poor is not so different from being rich, really. I happen to […]

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The way

November 7th, 2022 No comments

Rishi, you are in a good position to make a difference for all those, who are not directly descendant of the vikings that battled at Hastings in 1066. BUT, this is my experience with the work I did with Barack Obama. Being of coloured skin as a PM forces you in a more conservative direction. […]

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The soul of the Nation

October 31st, 2022 No comments

There is an option for the new PM to try and go the path of “change”, that mr. Barack Obama trailblazed under his presidentship. I have tried to give it some thought, and these are my initial reflections. The US is very much different that the UK. The US is a PRODUCT of the US […]

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Reaching out

October 29th, 2022 No comments

Ok Rishi, one of the things a premier minister does in hos first days, is to reach out to our allies. Especially these days, where the UK is in trouble due to energyprices spiking, we need to reach out and get some help. Yes, it will cost us a little, but this is the time […]

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October 27th, 2022 No comments

Ok, Rishi, this is it, another go at making some kind of progress in the UK. First of all, one of the low hanging fruits of premiership is to connect to foreign leaders. It is an easy way to make a statement. But, and this is where you need to chose, you need to come […]

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October 24th, 2022 No comments

One of the things the new premier minister has to deal with is energy. Energy has been an area, that has been neglected for far too long. Lets have a look at it. First of all, one needs to understand, that energy is like the firewood of a kitchen. If there is no firewood in […]

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