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Well Joe, you are doing quite well, and the classic Union ideas are MUCH better than Woke identity politics. To me talking about Union Politics gives us a way to connect to Marxism in a way, that we can talk about what is good and bad about Marxism. I think I have a bit of […]

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The revolution

April 28th, 2021 No comments

Well, things seems to be developing in a direction that will, at least for the eastern side of the US, be difficult to handle. As of now, France is REALLY gearing up for a fight against islamic extremism. Twenty generals have publicly declared leftwing academics and many muslims enemies of the Democratic/humanistic state inadvertedly threatening […]

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The world

April 24th, 2021 No comments

Well, now we are, at least, going in the right direction, but we must realize, that there is truly a long way to go, before the world is really under any kind of American leadership. This I do not say to discourage, but to kind of prepare ourselves for the long haul. One of the […]

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April 20th, 2021 No comments

We now have a new minister of transport, mr Buttiglieg, pretty cool guy to my understanding, has the right balance between liberal and conservative standpoints, and even educated on my favourite university Oxford, the magical place. But seriously Buttiglieg, a rehash of the normal Keynesian philososphy of borrowing money from the banks, investing it in […]

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The US

April 15th, 2021 No comments

It is kind og working Joe, the Western Europeans are warming up to a renewed alliance with the US, and it seems to me, that people around the world are engaging in some serious soul searching. Having the US back as the leader of the world is something people need to think about. Because where […]

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April 10th, 2021 No comments

Well, now the dichomoty between democratic islam, and kalifate islam is enhanced and underlined both in the UK in relation to the current debalce over the Mohammad cartoon in a school, and in the meeting between the EU and Turkey. It seems to me, that the radicalists are trying to dominate and find conflict with […]

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Ok Joe, listen, I am certainly your oldest political friend in the current political life. You know, I cried when you didn’t stand for election at Hillarys run, I was so bewildered, because usually when I see something, it comes trough. But then Trump won and things never really have been the same since then. […]

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Guys, we are in trouble, again, if I may be so bold. Ok, let me be absolutely honest with you, where did this strand of “Change” come from, and where does it lead. Well, it comes from a European Socialdemocratic tradition that has developed under the yoke of different fascist enemies. My first political mentor […]

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Islamic State

Ok, so the world is really changing, one of the main changes, I suppose is the abandonment of Obama principles that lead the world before Biden came to power. Trump didnt change much of the Obama ideas in his presidency, if anything, he enhanced them. So for me, being an Obama supporter, and having envisioned […]

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The peace process

Well, now the West seems to have stopped supporting the anti Isis coalition of most of the world including most major powers in the Middle East. Add to this, the Kurds are kind of caught in the middle. What is essentially happening. It is, sorry to say, the West that is reverting to its default […]

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The Muslim world

March 31st, 2021 No comments

My Bangladeshi family have always been a staunch supporter of western values. My father Mohammad Liaquat Hussain attended a British led boarding school, and was a freedom fighter in the Bangladeshi fight for freedom. He always talked about Mohatma Ghandi, and his fight for freedom. But he still supported the British institutions that are still […]

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March 30th, 2021 No comments

The main enemy of the Obama administration was ISIS. We did that, because these guys are a murdering lot. But also because by pointing out precisely the extremists of the muslim world, that most other Muslims despise for their radicality and lack of humanism, we protected most other muslims. So it was a win win. […]

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Millitary strategy

March 27th, 2021 No comments

Trýing to pick up where Obama left is pretty difficult, there has run a lot of water under the bridge, so to speak, so we need to relay the whole security perspective to this. But, the essential stratifications are still the same. On the right flank the greatest threat is the rise of islamism, or […]

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March 26th, 2021 No comments

The international perspectives are getting along, the US is trying to find a way in this new situation, or rather to refind its momentum. Let us be honest about the cause and aim of an American lead world, it is Democracy. It is something it has in common with both France and the UK, in […]

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March 25th, 2021 No comments

I have just finished a Symposium on Oxford with rev. Brian Mountford. I have attended before, but this time, it seems to me, that the dialogue have been going on so long, that we are really beginning what I suppose mr. Mountford had inteded in the first place with the Symposium, some true ecumenical progress. […]

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