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October 1st, 2023 No comments

I think, that it is really a good move, to counter the threat of ISIS by the American administration. Here are my essential arguments. Isis is all that is essentially negative with the development in the Middle East, add to this, it is also pretty unpopular. So countering Isis makes the right balance of countering […]

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September 29th, 2023 No comments

Ok, it is my fault, to a degree, that the Twitter or X media is not going well. I have tried to discuss this, but due to my my own problems, I have not had the energy to do it. Sorry. But let us have a look at it. Plato recalls in his cave allegory […]

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September 28th, 2023 No comments

Ok, so now mr. Elon Musk is fighting the ADL and see most Jews as enemies. Ok, who did actually help the white farmers in South Africa? Was it the nazis or the Jews? To me, having tried to give a helping hand to the Suidlanders, and actually succeeding in bringing their plight to the […]

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September 24th, 2023 No comments

Angels have been an area, that I have discussed a lot lately. I have delved into this issue at the back of some work I have done as a journalist, trying to help the poor and persecuted. The dark lord rests in the darkness of criminality, abuse and suffering. If you want to understand evil, […]

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Peace in Israel

September 20th, 2023 No comments

It has just been Rosh Hashanah, and I was really lucky to celebrate it with the local Jewish community. I have thought a lot about it. First of all, in a country like Denmark, there are so few Jews, that the disagreements are truly limited, because there are just too few to disagree. At the […]

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The enlighteners

September 18th, 2023 No comments

The old aristocratic families of Europe seems to still live in secret, so to say. This secrecy is a function of the French Revolution, and the consecutive purge of Aristocrats around the world of Europe. But the enlightened, as they are seen, are actually pretty old fashioned, do gooders, who still believe in king and […]

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Finding a middle leaning path

September 16th, 2023 No comments

I think, that the current development within the UK is quite good. You can see it by the quietness, when the brits gets annoyed, they make a lot of fuss. As it is, they are content, this means, that they would like to keep things as they are. Mr. Cameron had this amazing cool, that […]

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Strengthening the UK

September 13th, 2023 No comments

Ok, I am finally in a position, where I can support the brits again. First of all, think about it. Why don’t you invite me, and we can work together? Denmark and Great Britain is not so far from each other. The reason why I say this, is that I am trying my new outreach. […]

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A world of openess

September 10th, 2023 No comments

There has been this amazing symposium regarding openness in regards to government in Tallin last week. These ideas hark all the way back to the US, where mr. Niels Bohr lead the development of nuclear bombs, a thing he really felt bad about afterwards. Niels Bohr is the father of the ‘Copenhagen spirit’ that is […]

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China and American jobs

September 10th, 2023 No comments

Manufacture is important for the families involved, but there is another feature, that is really important regarding manufacture, that has to do with the competition with China. China is actively undermining American and world economy by going directly against branches of industry. One thing is, when American entrepreneurs and ‘developers’ like Mitt Romney, actively, sends […]

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How to be inspired

September 6th, 2023 No comments

Where does inspiration come from? This is a question, that I have put to myself a lot of times. Is it inherent in something, do you get from other people? An an artist, inspiration is important, I mean in Greek spirituality, it is all about the three muses. I believe, that inspiration comes from different […]

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September 4th, 2023 No comments

Looking at politics, you can basically say, that there are two ways of doing it. One is control, and the other is inspiration. When you control, you tell people to do this and that, put up strict borders and so on. I am not saying, that this is bad, it is just a way of […]

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September 2nd, 2023 No comments

Well, one of the major discussion concerning the eastern front, is the way, that this war is panning out. First of all, the major weapon the Chinese have, is their geeky squad. Their hackers. They can hack almost anything, especially the military equipment, that is the core of the American army. Hopefully this has been […]

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The Thucydides trap

August 31st, 2023 No comments

Ok, it seems to me, that the fight that the local secret service has had against me, is kind og waning off. I mean, they have fought me, for no reason than just, that they felt like it. It does not make much sense. Anyway, having put this problem aside, we can actually start working […]

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Paradise Lost?

August 29th, 2023 No comments

Joe, we are getting there. Calling for the shared heritage of rev. King, is definitely a right call. When we did the election with Barack, this was the final argument when we won his second term. So there is a positive precedent to this reference to rev. King. At the heart of the matter lies […]

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