Catch the spies

The European attachment to Russia through Germany seems to bear fruit when it comes to Turkey. If Germany and Russia allies itself against Turkey, the whole European theater will look very different.

Why, because then the European defense contractors would have a reasonable levy against Turkey.

War is possible, but instead of being the punchball of everybody as we Europeans are right now, we would be able to muster some defense.

Since Germany holds the chairmanship of the European Union, through the alliance with Russia, Europe would be on a good course.

This is the crux of the matter, and a possible way to change the dynamic in the Mediterranean.

But, and this is really the most difficult problem, the European countries are infiltrated on all levels by Turks, but also other potential enemies from the Middle East.

We need to be able to do something about this, purge the spies.

I know, that that seems a bit harsh, but spies are enemies, we need to remember that. They are here to destroy our systems.

Anyway, the alliance with Russia through Germany shows a whole lot of promise, and can we at least start purging some of the Islamist infiltration, then that would be a start.

This is really what the defense cooperation is all about, and if it works, we may just start playing a role internationally again.

But we need to be very tough on the spies and infiltration in general. Shut down the infiltration points like radical mosques, Islamist dens in schools, if we find spies in the ministries and so on. We need to get going on this, catch the spies, before they do more damage.

G-d bless the will to be a big international player again.

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