Built to last

Politics is a craft. You need to get people around the table, and create solutions, that all can see themselves in.

Doing that, is extremely difficult. When Barack, Joe and I developed a lot of the driving ideas of Baracks presidentship, we actually solved a lot of the problems we faced. Economically we made the Smithsonian idea of patriotic production, and in terms of war we made a grand alliance behind our war against Islamic State.

But what is it, that is the driving force behind true successes like that. It is depth of understanding, and then it is quality of practical implementation.

It works.

But to get to that point of quality, you need to understand the rights and wrongs of our world today and the theory behind the ideas we wrestle with.

So, as in all other things here in life, the car you drive in can be poor quality or good quality. If it is good quality, you can rely on it, and it will keep you safe in your travels.

If it is of a poor quality, it will break down, and stop in the middle of nowhere.

Right now people are disillusioned with identity politics and fringe left ideas. I think the notion is, that if we all just step into the middle of politics, then we are ok.

That is wrong, the reason why identity politics does not work, is not because it is fringe, it is because it is of a poor quality.

My ideas used to be fringe, now the rule most of the world, why? Because they will keep you driving, as a politician, the extra mile, keep you safe in the awfully destructive world of politics.

We shouldn’t just stabilize on the middle, no, we should keep driving, find new ways of the world. Think about the quality of the world we build.

We want to build good solid houses. Make a good foundation, that future generations can build upon. Make something, that we can be proud of.

Put those brilliant and emblazoned words upon the things we build, and make last, as it is MADE IN AMERICA.

G-d bless the will to find truth in what we do, and make it last.

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