Ok, the situation is, as it stands like this:

Both parties are, more or less in the same position regarding ethics. It is a war, I know, you loose a war, if you do not fight it. But Ukraine has the Azov batallion, Russia have the Kadyrov batallion.

At the wargames, more or less the same. I know, that Russian agresssion against Ukraine is most covered in the media. But the truth is, that Ukraine has fought a war, with some of the same amount of agression in the breakaway republics.

So here again, both parties are at the same level, when it comes to fighting against a people.

At the same time, both nations do share, more or less, the same culture, same cultural roots, and the same amount of wealth when it comes to richness of art, language, and history. You both come from us here in Scandinavia.

So, the similaritites, brotherhood and family is larger than they are small.

Such common ground is a basis to find each other, at least in the basic willingness to find some way to find a warm community of brothers.

That is really the heart of the matter, to understand what is shared. Not what tears a part.

The West is not trying to mend the fences between the two nations, but I, and the rest of the Jewish community would try and help you finding your brothers.

G-d bless brotherhood, not of man, but between Ukraine and Russia.

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