You know Joe, I have stubbornly supported you, from your very first move to your presidentship. I have done it, because we are friends, and we go back a long time. Your work in Detroit, you know, it brings tears to my eyes. That city, rebuilt. I am so proud of what we have done.

So what I am saying now, is not a criticism, but something that is needed to be said, if we are to win the election again.

Again, I know it is a hard truth, but I believe in being honest with these things. Otherwise I would not be a good advisor.

Joe, I am going to tell you this right out. The reason we are so much behind in the polls, is because we are not on top of the migration issue.

I know, that it is a sore issue. But you know, we have to be serious about it.

When I supported Hillary in her election bid. We had this thing about making things organized. It is not about being mean or anything like that. It is just that it has to follow the rules of migration.

So that was an attempt. We lost, but we tried.

So, I believe, we have to take that bull at its horns, and discuss what to do.

In the EU ms. Von der Leyen, have allied herself with the conservatives, it works. Here in Denmark, we have had a very positive first part of ms. Frederiksens government. But it is now tanking due to the government’s liberal stance on islam and migration.

So, we need to look this monster in the eyes, and put in some measures.

If not, Trump will walk all over us in the election campaign.

How, we need a simple, organized way to deal with the border. Not too much, not too little. Something fair.

G-d bless the will to win the next election. G-d bless you mr. Biden, I am all with you, to the end, as friends are supposed to.

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