Utopia means somewhere that is not there, according to sir Thomas More, who coined the phrase.

It is not there, so we can dream about a place with no poverty, where every man is so selfmoralizing, that nothing can really touch that place of imaginations.

The sixties was in many way a time of dreaming and trying to realize these lofty ideals. Yes I know, that many see Beatles as a Russian tool and so on.

But at the end of the day, they were dreamers.

Today, that dream has come to some kind of conclusion, the utopia that Marx saw as a reflection of the ideas of sir Thomas More has become unbearable.

It is like that, we have to be honest about it.

Then it may be a good idea to revisit the ideas of sir Thomas More, the English renaissance philosopher, to see if we can somehow reflect on the path from here on.

Thomas More starts his writings on a conclusion he must have made as a judge. He talks about thieves and inevitably of creating more thieves, if we make it impossible for people to make an honest living.

You could say, that that is really the spark of social sciences, that harks to the idea, that education is the answer to all. If people have a job, they do not have to steal, so we have a better world without the misery of a poor working class.

Well, that was WITHIN the English society.

What happens, when you open up borders, and import a new proletariat, as we have done in Western Europe.

Well, it creates a new class of poor people, that cannot feed themselves. People may not be able to even speak the language.

So, as in the world of Thomas More, crime is rampant.

Again, this is not a criticism of the individual, but a plea to be realistic about these issues.

If we import a new subclass of very poor people, we ALSO create the basis for more crime.

That is one of the reasons, that open borders is such a dangerous thing.

Now, again, this not a plea to not help people. But it is a plea to make people be a bit realistic about open borders.

To make a utopia, we need to be realistic about the world, and see it for what it is.

Sir Thomas More was a warm humanist, and should be made an example as such.

We need to find a balance between those lofty humanist ideals, and the material world.

That means, making communities again. Trying to find each other, be stronger and realize, that there are to be simple borders between people.

Not to not help people, but to have more strength to be a viable and sound society, that can then be of help to those who are in need.

There is a viable and important lesson to be learned from the virus, that we need to heed.

No, China cannot do whatever they want in our countries, and yes, they are a danger.

That is the lesson learned, and we need to understand and heed it.

G-d bless the will to be in favor of order also.

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