Bjørn Jernside

Well it seems to me, that the Americans are making all kinds of plans for the Middle East.

The latest announcements of Mr. Pompeo of a fire and fury character is all well and fine. But the fact of the matter is, people are trying to see how the ends meet.

I mean, announcing one day that the Americans are getting out of the Middle East, and the next that they are demanding all kinds of things, doesn’t carry much of a threat. In fact, it has the opposite effect.

I will give you a story, that you may laugh at, but tells one a lot about how we decendants of vikings used to make war, and win.

Once there was a renowned Viking with the name of Bjørn Jernside. Aka Bjørn Ironside.

He wanted, as all Vikings wanted at that time, to go to Rome and plunder it.

So he called on all the ships of the cities for a raid.

With heaving and puffing, they all went to Italy, and saw a magnificent city. A city of soaring towers and a lot of wealth.

Bjørn thought, this is Rome, and contemplated a strategy. What he did was use CUNNING.

He called on the dignitaries of the city, and told them, that he was dead, and asked them if he could perhaps be carried into the city on a funeral parade and be laid to rest.

The no so wise Italians thought it was a petty, and opened the gates to Bjørn and his warriors.

But lo and behold, the cunning Bjørn was not dead, but was feigning, the rascal. He jumped up of the funeral pyre, and started attacking the city, and so did his men.

Victory was his, and “Rome” had fallen. There was only one problem, the city wasn’t Rome, it was a smaller Italian city.

The Vikings had a lot of fun over that story.

But what can we actually learn from it.

First of all, you need to match your level of cunning to that of your adversary.

Take China, they have outcunned us for the last 50 years. The same goes for the Middle East. If you threaten with fire and brimstone, as you at the same time are not willing to invest your resources. Then the level of cunning is too low.

Your enemies will only respect I you, if you have the same level of cunning as they do, or better, a better level of cunning. That was how I beat Ahmadinejad.

Secondly, you need to fight the right city. In other words, you need to be sharp about your priorities.

So, fight China, not Iran.

G-d bless the will to be honest and skillful in the art of war.

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