Benedikt XVI

The late mr. Ratzinger, the amazing and honourable late pope Benedict XVI, has gone to knock on the door of st. Peter.

This is one of these things, that I have REALLY worked a lot with on a reflective level. I have done a LOT of thought as how to say something that is at least meaningful about this majestic person.

On one hand, he did, as one of the few popes, stop before time, at the other hand, he was a brilliant master in managing the left and right within the Catholic Church. A critic of Islam but not a hard core conservative.

So, he was in the same vein as Barack Obama and David Cameron, a modern conservative.

What is there to say about such an illuminary with any meaning.

First of all, he was a renewer, but on a base, that was ancient.

In this field he was the predecessor to the current eminence pope Francis.

But at the same time, he was, as a person, such a nice man. Humble, wise and just a wonderful person.

I truly hope, that Benedikt XVI will be remembered as what he was, a man, that really changed the Catholic Church, but within the frame of that ancient church, with respect for its institutions.

G-d bless Benedikt XVI And may st. Peter receive and recognise this wonderful soul.

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