Being great

According to Voltaire, there are two things that is needed, to make something great. It has to be simple, and it has to be natural.

It is pretty funny, I mean mr. Trump went on in the election to claim that he wanted to make America great again.

But what is that, making America Great.

As Voltaire sees it, it must be a simple thing, and then natural.

When Barack and I fought for Obamanism, we made a claim for American ideology. That is that we fight for humanistic democracy.

That is simple, that is natural, and therefor that is what makes the US so special.

It is the core values of the US, following those core ideas, will propel the US to be as great as it has always been.

Being the valiant light of Democracy upon that hill, that is what makes America Great.

Understanding what that is, that is what is the issue and the task of anyone that wants to make great again. My claim being, that Americas virtues lies with its core ideas.

Follow them, and you will lead the world.

G-d bless the will of the founding fathers.

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