Be responsible

One of the things, that I have personally worked a lot with, is the poorest part of the people of Denmark. People on wealthfare, people loosing their children to the municipality and so on.

This world is dark, to say the least.

More often than not, they have not had a voice to speak out. We journalists have not been able to give them that voice, so they are just floating around, like flotsam in the river, eventually just going under.

It is, by all reckoning devastating and very, very sad.

As I see it, a society is judged upon the way it treats is weakest members.

What really strikes me, is that what is needed, is a strong response in terms of responsibility.

If we are to change the way we have structured our society, we need to respond to this pain and suffering of the weakest members of our society with a strong and vigorous response.

A response that involves faith.

G-d is what is good, and in the world of suffering, priest, rabbis and mullahs are supposed to take those weakest members of society and lift them. Lift them with the grace of the angels.

If we fail to remember, that helping and supporting those in need, is at the very root of monotheism, we fail to remember a very important lesson.

We need to help those poor souls, not just for their sake, but also for our own sake. In the sense, that that is what many of us are ordained and supposed to do.

Be responsible.

G-d bless the will, to listen to those in need, and help where we can. G-d bless the vision of spirit, and may we follow it.

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