Ok, there is an increase in taxing the rich. This is, essentially what you call progressive tax.

That is fine, you need to see this, as an attempt at levelling the playing field, so that we get more money in, to make it easier for poor people to also live.

But, I think you have to set this in contrast to the dialogue and shared work worker and business do together.

The difference between communism and socialdemocratism, is exactly the last bit. Democracy.

Working things out in dialogue, making it so, that there is a core of understanding.

Here in Aalborg, there is the big production plant, that is honestly polluting a lot, but it creates a lot of work, and is the pride of the city.

So we don’t close it down.

You know we are pragmatic in that area.

Working together with the industry, to make things work essentially.

G-d bless the will to do good in a world, where dialogue is very important.

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