When we talk about race, racism, black against white, I believe we should think about what lies in the very core of the idea.

In its essence, its a tyrannical idea.

When blacks oppress whites, as they have in South Africa, and honestly when we celebrate whites oppressing blacks, it is the same. Two sides of the same coin. There is no getting out of your skin. There is nothing democratic, humanistic or liberal about race ideas. The idea is, that there is a perpetual war fought in the world between different races of man. That is just not right. There is no such thing as an eternal racewar, it is something we invent based on a sorry excuse for theory.

Darwin never thought about human races as racewar, that was a English Socialdarwinist who invented that.

I mean it has been 80 years since these ideas were as much as theorized about. Maybe it is time to move on?

See the world in new ways, such as hailing to the idea, that there is such a thing as redemption and humaness. That spirit will call to those who are honest and good? Be they any color of skin.

Do we really think spirit keeps tab on people with regard to their skin? Seriously?

We have nation, and that nation is worth fighting for, dying for, sacrificing for. But that nation is born by those who are loyal to the idea of the nation.

There are people who are not loyal to that nation, and should be fought off cause, terrorist, criminals and what not. Evil people in essence, but what makes them evil is not their skin colour, it is what they choose to do and believe in.

If you believe in fighting the citizenry, you are evil, it is a simple as that.

But you can have any skin colour to be like that.

Instead of more division, maybe it is time to stop the racebanting and be civilised.

We can stand and oppose the tides of race ideas, but we have to be honest with ourselves. Do we support the idea of race or not.

If you do that, then you also support war as principle, and is that a good or bad thing?

War is supposed to be avoided at all cost, but fought vigorously if it is there.

We have problems enough, maybe creating more is not such a good thing.

Be humane, be liberal, accept other people, but do not be naive. Find balance between the challenges we face.

That is the way of a sincere and successful politics.

G-d bless the insight we might find now, and hopefully find a little peace.

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