Joe, you are doing well. But, I know that I am pretty sharp in my opinions sometime, there is a reason for that.

The reason is, that we need to be sharp in understanding the issues ahead, and be clear about the priorities.

First of all, what I think Barack is right about, and what I have tried to support you guys is the fight for unity.

Unity is calling to what people share.

What do people share, they share the basis of the Democratic republic. That is the values and the virtues of that American dream.

So if you want to make people feel that they share something, find the things, that everybody agrees upon, are happy about, and proud about.

Now, don’t get my wrong, I am not saying that we should not help gays and Jews alike. I have been a dancer in many years, and therefor know a lot of gays, and they are a festive and in a way strange collection of peoples. But, and that is where you are right, they have a right to be recognized and protected.

So in order to support the liberal base, of cause we need to protect gays.

At the other hand, we ALSO need to find things that reaches across the aisle. That is the basis of the country.

There is a storm rising in the west that coming a potential war with China.

In this fight, people need to understand what is at stake. What is at stake is the freedom of the American people. Are we ready give that away. Be oppressed by a tyrannical state?

I think not.

At the other hand, we also need to see gays for their potential and freedom.

So we need to strike a balance with something everybody sees and understand, the values of Democracy, and see the gays as someone to protect.

G-d bless the will to be free.

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