One very important balance, that we have not done well in the European Union, is the balance between the different nation-states and the former colonies.

Take the UK. The UK has a lot of history with many countries around the world. Chile for one, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and so on. The same goes for France, that has a lot of ties to Canada, many small islands in the pacific, many former colonies in Africa and so and so forth.

Europe used to be small countries with a lot of extra power and territory in the colonies.

Now, things have changed, and honestly some of the deeds European countries did around the world were extremely wrong. But we did many things good as well, among them spreading civilisation where there was none before.

The peaceful cooperation and shared commerce should be important not only to the European countries but also many former colonies.

We share history, systems, ideology and way of doing production, and with the renaissance that Europe is currently having, a lot of the former colonies have an option to cling on to that whirlwind of new ideas, new strategies and new options in a peaceful world.

So the European Union needs to find a way to give a lot of freedom to the European countries in their work with the former colonies.

Take Canada, they are leaning towards Europe because mr. Macron has a lot of goodwill in Ottawa. That is good for Europe as such.

How to formalize this is up to discussion, but it is a very important principle we need to find exactly the right balance to make work.

G-d bless the will to be honest and give space to those who are kin of us.

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