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The Muslim world

March 31st, 2021 No comments

My Bangladeshi family have always been a staunch supporter of western values. My father Mohammad Liaquat Hussain attended a British led boarding school, and was a freedom fighter in the Bangladeshi fight for freedom. He always talked about Mohatma Ghandi, and his fight for freedom. But he still supported the British institutions that are still […]

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March 30th, 2021 No comments

The main enemy of the Obama administration was ISIS. We did that, because these guys are a murdering lot. But also because by pointing out precisely the extremists of the muslim world, that most other Muslims despise for their radicality and lack of humanism, we protected most other muslims. So it was a win win. […]

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Millitary strategy

March 27th, 2021 No comments

Trýing to pick up where Obama left is pretty difficult, there has run a lot of water under the bridge, so to speak, so we need to relay the whole security perspective to this. But, the essential stratifications are still the same. On the right flank the greatest threat is the rise of islamism, or […]

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March 26th, 2021 No comments

The international perspectives are getting along, the US is trying to find a way in this new situation, or rather to refind its momentum. Let us be honest about the cause and aim of an American lead world, it is Democracy. It is something it has in common with both France and the UK, in […]

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March 25th, 2021 No comments

I have just finished a Symposium on Oxford with rev. Brian Mountford. I have attended before, but this time, it seems to me, that the dialogue have been going on so long, that we are really beginning what I suppose mr. Mountford had inteded in the first place with the Symposium, some true ecumenical progress. […]

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March 21st, 2021 No comments

Joe, you have to release Kamala. I know, that you yourself try to reunite the country across the different political understandings. But, you need help, and that help is right besides you; Kamala. She has all the vibrancy and charisma to reach right and left. So, let her do her thing. Let her go here […]

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Cimate Change

March 20th, 2021 No comments

Climate Change can be many things, but one thing is for certain, it is a question on how we use energy. Energy comes in many forms; electricity, kinetic energy, the sun, wind. We use it in many ways; to propel our ships, cars, the industry, our laptops, lawnmovers. We use to it wash clothes and […]

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March 15th, 2021 No comments

Well, in order to rebuild the American economy, we need to get back on track. As I understand, someone thought it was a good idea to make a normal Keynesian investment in the country. That is, use a lot of money to put people back at work. That is a a way, and another way, […]

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Climate Change

March 12th, 2021 No comments

Now, we need to start moving. I know, that Covid 19 is a major issue right now, but it seems to me, that is going in the right direction, and will be more or less solved within the next two to three months. So we need to focus on the next few issues. First of […]

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Power to X

March 10th, 2021 No comments

Climate Change is the great redeemer or, the best answer to some of the priorities of the left wing in the world these days. There is only, essentially, one serious problem, that is the fact, that in order to do anything about these developments of negative application of man made progress, you have to be […]

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The Muslim world

February 26th, 2021 No comments

Understanding the international game of politics requires some understanding of the internal conflicts within the Muslim world. There are, essentially, two main directions of Islam; sunni and shia. But within each branch, there are several subdivision. The sunni world, which is essentially Arab islam, there are many different strands, not at least the Arab countries […]

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International strategy

February 19th, 2021 No comments

The current ideological and strategic choices the Biden administration makes has to be professional, founded on a deep understanding of the issues, and hopefully pull the allies with it. Otherwise the US will be diminished in power, lose the leadership. Right now, France is battling ISIS on its own home front. We have teachers standing […]

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The Uighur

February 18th, 2021 No comments

The main confrontation right now, is the confrontation between the US and China. Why? Because it has the potential to develop into an all embracing world war, with nukes and the whole ballgame. Armageddon. So we need to be really, really careful how we tackle this conflict. Ok, so now we ally ourselves with the […]

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February 15th, 2021 No comments

To understand the way of the US, one needs to understand what it really is. To me, this was realized, when I attended the symposium in Oxford a few months back, and heard a lecture of two esteemed gentlemen on Johnny Cash. One thing really sprung to attention, and that was the dream of the […]

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Catch the spies

February 15th, 2021 No comments

The European attachment to Russia through Germany seems to bear fruit when it comes to Turkey. If Germany and Russia allies itself against Turkey, the whole European theater will look very different. Why, because then the European defense contractors would have a reasonable levy against Turkey. War is possible, but instead of being the punchball […]

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