Atomic physicists

Well, first of all, what we miss in the face of Third World War, is someone, to talk people down.

This used to be my critical role, as an international agent of Change. But lately the wardrums are beating nonetheless.

But, and perhaps this is a small glimmer of hope, the theories are evolving, and eventually one says, that the pen is stronger than the sword.

As a part of the process of understanding g-d, I have contacted mr. Holger Bech Nielsen. Mr. Bech is one of the leading physicists of the world. The smartest man of Denmark, some people call him.

He was instrumental in developing quantum physics and has some thrilling theories on time and space that he has developed as the heir to Newton, Niels Bohr and Einstein.

The closest call to an Einstein character in the world. Very wonderful person, with a huge engagement in nuclear physics. He has a piece of the atom named after him, and so on.

So I gathered my fleeting courage to call this amazing person, and lo and behold, he actually called me back. I was in the middle of my evening routines with the kids, so I kind of had to talk physics and metaphysics while feeding the kids, and making the beds. That was multitasking.

Anyway, we had a VERY interesting conversation. Nuclear physics traditionally see itself as an heir to the greek philosopher Democritus, but the fact is, according to my research, that there was a few philosophers BEFORE Democritus, that Democritus was inspired by. First of all Plato who discussed metaphysics in his main work Timeaus, a theory that has a close relation to the theories of an atomic physicist called Anaxagoras.

Both Plato and Democritus was inspired by Anaxagoras, that I have done a lot of research on, relating Anaxagoras to Plato, Darwin and Democritus.

The thing about Anaxagoras is, that not only is he the founder of nuclear physics. For a long time the strand of nuclear physicist in Ancient Greece was called either atomicists or Anaxagoreans, he also devised a beautiful theory (the first recorded theory of nuclear physics). He has a much broader cosmology (theory of the universe) than what we usually know about the hellenic classics.

So, I told mr. Bech about Anaxagoras, and that I wanted to discuss the connection between theology and physics and my work on Anaxagoras.

First he kind of listened to what I was saying, politely. When he discovered, that I have dug up some ancient theory of the birth of nuclear physics, he was really interested, and when I told him about the cosmology of Anaxagoras, he got REALLY interested.

Mr. Bech is one of the persons, who have been quite active in discussion Big Bang theory, and when he heard, that Anaxagoras has a theory of the start of the universe, that is close to the Big Bang theory, but with som REALLY interesting twists, it really caught his attention. We may be able to further the theories of the birth of the universe with the theories of Anaxagoras. Mainly, what caught mr. Bechs attention, is the idea of Anaxagoras, that centrifugal power plays a very decisive role in the birth of the universe. Anaxagoras has this idea, that centrifugal power is a main power in the whole mechanics of the universe. Everything turns around. Planets, solar systems, galaxies. So perhaps centrifugal power is the missing link in Big Bang theories, that still has a lot of loose ends. Since mr. Bech is one of the main inventors of the Big Bang theories, it makes sense, that he may be able to use the ideas of Anaxagoras in his work.

So in the end, at least in our first conversation, it was actually the physicist who got something out of the conversation. Which I, for one, is quite happy with. I want to prove the existence of G-d in a platonic light, but I am very happy to share knowledge with the physicist. Perhaps in this way, we can find some common ground between religion and science.

G-d bless the will to find healing between religion and science in this modern world. And g-d bless the peace of the world.

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